Do roku 2016 raport oznaczony numerem 1 był tworzony za okres od 1 kwietnia do 31 maja. Od roku 2017 analizy są wykonywane o dekadę wcześniej czyli 1 raport oznacza okres od 21 marca do 20 maja

Potential zones of drought

Year: 2013; period: 04 (1.V - 30.VI) - select plant species

Participation of soils at drought risk

The drought benchmark (according to the Act. Dz. U No. 150) was not exceeded
< 10 % soils
10 - 30 % soils
30 - 50 % soils
50 - 80 % soils
> 80 % soils

Comment from Agrometeorologist

The Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation - State Research Institute in accordance with an Act from the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development has developed the climatic water balance for all Polish municipalities (3,064 municipalities), and based on the soils categories have identified in those municipalities the current agricultural drought risk for the following crops: winter and spring cereals, corn for grain and silage, sugar beets, potatoes, sugar beets, hops, tobacco, field vegetables, shrubs and fruit trees, strawberries and legumes. .....

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